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What You Need To Know About Skin Care | Women + Wellness | Nantucket Cottage Hospital | Collagen supplements don't work!


A few weeks ago, I attended the second annual Women + Wellness Event hosted by the Nantucket Cottage Hospital at the Great Harbor Yacht Club on Nantucket Island. I joined over 200 other women to hear from three Doctors from Massachusetts General Hospital speak on 3 salient health topics: Skin, Bones, and the Microbiome.

Did you know that women make 80% of family health decisions?

Here's what I learned about our skin from Dr. Sandy Tsao, Dermatologist at Mass General Hospital's Dermatology, Laser and Cosmetic Center in Boston.

What You Need to Know as Your Skin Ages

"We all start out with a clean slate," Dr. Sandy Tsao.

Center: Dr. Sandy Tsao

Did you know that children in Australia are NOT allowed to go outside without sunblock and hats?

What do we need to know about Sun Protection?

> There are NEW FDA Rules about sunscreen labeling.

> Most sunscreens last for around 2 HOURS.

> 1 oz. is the amount one should use for each application of sunscreen. So, a typical 6 oz. bottle should last 6 applications.

> Make sure you check the expiration date on your sunscreen.

> Some medications can make you more susceptible to getting a sunburn. Ask your doctor! 


What can we do to protect our skin?

> Wear your Hats & Sunglasses! If you can hold your hat up and light shines through, then it's not offering you full protection from the sun.

> Wear UPF clothing.

> Add Sunguard to your laundry to add a 30 UPF to your clothing.

> Have your skin (entire body) examined annually.

Dr. Tsao recommended the following sunblock brands: Neutrogena, La Roche, and Blue Lizard.

I think that it's important to use skin care products, sunblock, cream, etc. that is chemical-free. After all, the skin is our body's LARGEST ORGAN.


What should we watch out for?

> Most common type of skin cancer is Basal Cell Carcinoma

Look for the following when examining markings on your body:

A - Asymmetry
B - Border Irregularities
C - Color Variegation
D - Diameter Changes
E - Elevation

How can we maintain youthful skin?

> Studies show that Retina A helps in the treatment of skin aging. Just be aware of and careful about sensitivity to the sun and drying when using.

Guess what?! That COLLAGEN hype you see everywhere... Well, it's not going to do ANYTHING in your smoothie. You heard it here. Collagen consumed orally does nothing for you. In order to be effective, Collagen must be applied TOPICALLY on the skin. Take it from Dr. Tsao. Well, I guess I won't be bothering to figure out ways to incorporate it into my food anymore.


Keep these TIPS in mind when you're out in the sun this Labor Day weekend!!!

XoXo Tatiana

p.s. Watch the entire Women + Wellness Event here.

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