Thursday, April 20, 2017

Plants That Purify: 5 Natural Air Filters // #EarthDay 2017


Happy Earth Day! 

Do you ever think about the connection between people and plants? 
Sounds kinda wonky, I know. But, our connection stems from our influence and interdependence upon each other. After all, reciprocity sustains everything on our planet, hence the circle of life.

Plants play a helpful role in many areas of peoples' lives, especially air purification.

Air-Purifying Plants
Certain plants act as natural air purifiers, reducing the toxic chemicals in the air that lead to numerous health problems.

The air quality in our homes and offices is affected by a variety of common allergies such as dust, mold, cleaning products (laundry detergent), chemical flame retardants (furniture, mattresses), fragrances (perfume), pet dander, volatile organic compounds (VOC) like formaldehyde (some fabrics, gas stoves, garbage bags etc.) and electromagnetic frequencies from computers, WiFi, phones etc.). These allergens 
can cause respiratory issues (asthma etc.), cancer, neurological problems and more. 

NASA scientists studied and discovered that certain plants can purify the air, including but not limited to:
Aloe Vera
Releases oxygen into the air and absorbs carbon dioxide at night (keep in the bedroom).
That's mine, pretty in a pink pot atop the dresser in my bedroom. ---->>Also, it aids digestion (add it to a smoothie!)
*remove the gelatinous innards & discard the spiky shell first ;-)

... and soothes burns (apply directly to burn).

Boston Fern 
Green thumb NOT required.

You've probablly seen one of these guys hanging from a ceiling in an office - they're a popular plant, ever since the Victorians decorated with them.


Palm Tree 
(like this Cat Palm) 

Easy to care for, also safe for self-described "black-thumbers."

It's a dramatic statement to any room (IMO).   

Bamboo Palm 
Moisturizes and purifies the air, especially for removing formaldehyde.  

Also considered to bring good luck in the Chinese culture. Bonus for a red ribbon tied around the shoots.
<<---- I've had this guy for 5 YEARS now!!! (approx. 2 feet tall) #proudplantmom  


A herb that possesses antimicrobial properties that clean the air. Smells delicious!
it's a tasty addition to recipes. (memory booster to boot!)  

From an aesthetic point of view, plants also help us humans by beautifying and aromatizing 
our environment. I have always loved plants. Lately, I've resorted to redecorating transforming my apt with a variety of plants into an urban garden. 

So, what's YOUR relationship with plants? 
... Is it complicated?

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