Wednesday, March 8, 2017

HOW TO: Take Action For International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange {+ who's the girl defying the wall st. bull?}

Where my ladies at?!

Did you know that women control 70% of consumer spending?!

Alas, we don't live in a world of What Women Want, where men can understand what we want without direction. One can dream... BUT, in order to achieve a more Utopian world, we must give women an equal playing field. 

This video clearly illustrates how gender equality BENEFITS EVERYONE in the workplace, not just women.

I am so grateful, inspired, and supported by the women in my life!!! Here are some of the women who make my world go 'round...

My Mom (I call her Momasita) She has taught and continues to teach me so much about this life. Good thing I listen to her now!

My Aunties... Cassandra, Mary, Sarah, Tita... who have been like 2nd mom's to me.

My Girlfriends... who have liked 'n' loved me for who I am and support me like beautiful buttresses of a church.

"Fearless Girl" Statue staring down the iconic Bull on Wall St. <<-- LOVE this!!

My Fempreneur Friends... who inspire me with what they are doing to change and improve our world.
        Here are a few:
        Melody Wilding, who recently spoke at her first TEDx event about Change and how Self-Doubt can actually be a good thing.

        Lydia Blanchard who created a successful and succulent business called Sweet Lydia's (a Chapin classmate).

        Ivanka Trump, who is championing Women's Issues at the White House (and another Chapin girl).

Here's how you can TAKE ACTION today!  

And in the future... so that the FUTURE IS FEMALE!

Blissfully Yours,

Founder, Healthylicious Bliss™