Thursday, April 20, 2017

Foodie Things Makin' Moves in 2017…


Trending in 2017.... There's something ~magical~ about herbal infusions. Dontcha think? They conjure up images of bubbling goblet... like something in Harry Potter.

Herbal Infusions AKA elixirs, potions, tonics, have been gaining steam (pun probably intended). Boasting beauty benefits and more, many drinks on the market promise to leave you better off than before. So toss out the Vitamin Water and grab an herbal infusion. Go ahead, drink yourself pretty ;-)
Vegan Cheese, PLEASE!

Cheese is one of my favorite foods, yet I've tried to cut back on it in recent years after learning about its connection to upper respiratory infections (sinusitis, colds etc.), side effects (ahem, bloating), and lack of nutrition. BUT, I still indulge on occasion...

Several years ago, I discovered a mouthwatering nut-based vegan cheese at a conference that convinced me not all "faux" cheese tastes like cardboard. Treeline Cheese, it's cheesetastic!! Made near me, in the Hudson Valley, this aged artisanal treenut cheese is rich with probiotics and other good stuff

Pssst.... nut-based cheese is not only for vegans (I'm a card-carrying egg eater! and beater, for that matter). Made from a cultured nut milk, it's spun into a creamy, nut alternative.

What do you think? 
Vegan Cheese? 
Are they shining in the stars of 2017?

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