Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy 11/1! {How To Journal Your Way to a #1 November}

An auspicious number just about any way you slice it. In numerology, (the study of numbers and their significance), the number 1 is considered to be one of the most positive numbers.  

When the #1 is doubled up to create the number 11, it becomes one of the most powerful numbers, associated with awakening and enlightenment. 

And when they are combined together, they become even more powerful.

 1 + 11 --> 111  

The number 111 is believed to empower you to become hyper-aware of your thoughts and ideas. 
Use this time to journal about your ideas and thoughts
n.b. Guide your thoughts to what you want 
(NOT what you don't want). 

I will be getting my journal on before bed tonight... (hope my wrist is up for a workout!). 
Let's manifest!

Now, I realize this post may be a bit far out for some of you, but I wanted to share with you... You see, my mind has been quite busy for the past 24 hours, thinking and dreaming. And, I didn't put 2 and 2, (or 1 & 1 -- hehe), together until I realized what the date is: 11/1. How could I keep this to myself?! 

Carpe Fcking Diem!  

Blissfully Yours,

Founder, Healthylicious Bliss™ 

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