Monday, August 29, 2016

NEW Beauty + Health + Food Products @ #HealthyBrandShowcase Fall 2016 {Discounts + Giveaway!}

Wanna know what's HOT and HEALTHY for Fall?? I gotchu.

Here's my scoop on the NEW beauty, health, food, and fitness products slaying it at the Fall '16 Healthy Brand Showcase...



Certified organic aloe water made in California from ethically sourced organic aloe vera from North America. Winning so far, amiright?

Sweetened with certified organic cane sugar and stevia {ONLY 4 grams!} it is D-licious! My fave flava flave = Crisp Aloe (lemonade flavor, not so much).

#GlutenFree #PreservativeFree

WHY aloe? Maybe you have seen it sold in a bottle/jar at your local health food store. It's popularly used to improve digestion and contains over 200 biologically active amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals.

Unlike many health drinks on the market today, it's actually affordable, ringing up at just over $2 a bottle.
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(contest ends 8/31/16)


So, I may be a born 'n' bred New Yorker, but I'm a Southern gal at heart... You see, I grew up on cheese grits "a la Papa" as my family called it, after my grandfather, (my "Papa"), who hailed from Tennessee.

Well, I try not to eat as much cheese anymore, but I'm always down to try a vegan cheese in the hopes that it will really taste good (most taste terrible.. ick!). V-GRITS does not fall in the 'most' category though. AND, if I hadn't known that the cheese was vegan, I woulda sworn it was made from "real" dairy-based cheese. Isn't that the goal of ALL vegan counterparts?

Ever get sick of the same old condiment options? I know I do!  So you can see why I was excited to try Zesty-Z. I think it has the potential to become a shelf staple what with its zesty flavor, versatility, and NO need to refrigerate!

#Vegan #GlutenFree #LowSodium 

Mother-Son Duo behind Zesty-Z
What is it exactly? A Mediterranean spread made with za'atar - dried, wild Mediterranean thyme + EVOO + a variety of herbs and spices. Move over hummus, there's a new kid in town! 
<---- kinda luv their tagline....

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Allow me to introduce you to your new go-to bring your lunch to work {or school} soup for this fall...

Boulder Organic has been around awhile, yet it had never crossed my bowl. Now that it has, it will be a healthylicious contender with Amy's soups!

"Soup Hottie" & Founder
Find a store near you and grab your virtual coupon here. You probably should go ahead and add this to your shopping list:

my absolute FAVE!!!


Being the super small world that it is, 
my former employerSamer Hamedeh's, company, Zeel, was there! While I've heard of it {who hasn't?!}, I hadn't experienced the zen-like skills of a massage... (thanks, Maria!) 

Zeel is ze first and LARGEST on-demand massage company, (it's national), and convenient as it's 
bookable right through an app on your smartphone, for your home, office, event etc. 

A massage is one of the best gifts you can give ME, so, I'm paying it forward with a special gift for YOU:  

<<< $25 OFF a Zeel massage when you use my code: Healthylicious25 >>> 

Just download the app on your smartphone (it's free) and follow the steps to a blissful massage...

Hope something in this scoop sparks your fancy 
and helps ease you into fall to 
fend off the #SummertimeSadness 
post-Labor Day!


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