Monday, June 13, 2016

Feeling All Kinds of... {My 1 Tip to Feel FAB - for realz}

I was up at 5:00 am this morning when my dog awoke me with a semi-sweet slobbery kiss, and yet this night owl is still feeling all kinds of FAB! 

It had me BEFUDDLED. It is Monday after all. Until I realized something - there's a REASON for my fa fa fa feelings... it ain't RANDOM.  

The SECRET to feeling FAB is... patience, my grasshopper. 

This weekend I enjoyed a variety of different activities that left me feeling FULFILLED. 

Like... curling up to Netflix & Chill with a random international movie (thumbs up!)... Going to 

the launch of the FitBit Local series in AND being gifted a nifty NEW FitBit HR (in pink!!) to review. *** Stay tuned for my updates... and follow me if you're on FitBit! Church and volunteering at the Soup Kitchen... Drrrumb roll for the KICKER of my weekend!!!

Rocking out in the VIP section at the Brian Wilson concert in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Pet Sounds album. It was EXTRA special for me as The Beach Boys was my very FIRST CONCERT. Ever! 

Sooo, there ya have it... 

--->> MY SECRET to feeling all kinds of FAB has everything to do with being FULFILLED from a weekend well spent. <<--- #TatsTip

What makes YOU feel fulfilled? 

Happy Freakin' FABULOUS Monday!!!

Blissfully Yours,


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