Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Healthy Brand Showcase Spring 2016 ~ Wellness Trends (Giveaway inside!)



It's EVERYWHERE you look these days... especially since Queen Bey released her new album. 

A few weeks ago, at The Healthy Brand ShowcaseI noticed the trend when I spotted lemonade left 'n' right.

Goodies GALORE!!!

Rustic Maka
(Bob Marley tunes not included.)  

First lemonade sighting? 

Lemonade scented deodorant! I kid you not. And yes it does smell gooood.

Rustic Maka makes lemonade scented deodorant (BOTH regular + travel size). Oh and btw, it's natural:

NO Aluminum 

NO Propylene-Glycol
NO Phthalates
NO Synthetic Fragrances
... dig deeper on the FAQs page...

For your pits' sake, if you aren't using a natural deodorant yet, please DITCH YOUR DOVE and grab a brand that you pits will welcome with open (under)arms!!

Lemonade sighting #2 --> organic lavender/lemon lip balm from Wedderspoon (I can NEVER ever have too many lip balms; they're always disappearing...).

Green with flower arrangement envy...
(must try to recreate!)

Tori & Howard
I'm not a hardcore hard candy fan, (mainly because of dis). BUT, if I'm a gonna enjoy a piece, they would have to be Tori & Howard Organic Hard Candy

They're the USDA certified organic option to your mainstream Jolly Rancher (AKA "cavity candy"). The flavors are hella unique! Hellooo tangy sweet pink grapefruit & tupelo honey... 

Perhaps the best part about these treats is the ADORABLE handbag that they come in! It's THE perfect little Easter gift, party favor, or coffee table decoration. *Find 'um at Walgreens.

Goddess Garden
Who doesn't want to feel like a Goddess? 

Well, me and my porcelain/fair skin are always on the hunt for a parabin-free, non-toxic and effective sunscreen to save me from skin cancer and wrinkles. (Bonus: for its greaseless, translucent qualities - no one wants to look like Casper the friendly ghost, esp. during the summertime). I am looking forward to trying this line now that Mr. Sun has finally come out in New York City.
Triplets run the family biz (okay, okay, they're brothers, but I swear I could barely differentiate between the Clark Kent doppelgangers!). Celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, one of the main factors that sets it apart from other health websites is: NO membership fee! (And a HUGE selection of 35,000 products at your fingertips!!!), I went home with a BIG BOX of goodies that I'm la la loving.... GUESS WHAT?! 
YOU may just get lucky too...

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BTdubs, there were lotsa other cool products, but, much to my chagrin, I didn't get to try all of 'um... especially missed Erin's Faces makeup/skincare or the Soom Foods spreads...

LAST lemonade I spotted at the #HealthyBrandShowcase was a sip of Sipp Sparkling Organics lemon flower beverage, until I saw the whopping amount of sugar in it --> 21grams!! 

Until next Fall 2016, my friends....
Happy $hopping! 

Blissfully Yours,