Friday, March 18, 2016

Tatiana's Takeaways from the ‪#‎IINLive‬ Conference: Balancing GOOD vs. BAD Bacteria

I OD-d on information a couple weeks ago...

And I've recovered and would love to share what I learned with you guys the #IINLive Conference. 

One of my favorite speakers was Dr. Derrick DeSilva, a physician originally hailing from Sri Lanka, who's CORE BELIEF revolves around the following expression:

The Best of BOTH Worlds.  

He's referring to his belief in the importance of both Eastern AND Western Medicine practices. I too believe that it's crucial to consider both, although I prefer a natural approach, there is no question that that is not always the most effective treatment. 

Dr. Derrick DeSilva spoke about my current OBSESSIONMulti-Systemic Implications of the Micro-Flora (AKA the Human Microbiome). In layman terms, he talked about how our gut health is connected to and effects EVERYTHING IN OUR BODIES.

The Microbiome is a mixed community of microbial cells and their genes. There are 3.3. MILLION genes in our digestive system!! AND bacterial cells outnumber human cells 10:1 Craaazy, right?! Sooo, we're basically bacteria with a dash of human. 

How do you know if you microbiome is malfunctioning? 

You'll experience 1 OR more of the following Digestive Disorders:
Acid Reflux
Nasal Congestion
Skin Disorders
Loose Poop

Disorders Linked to Changes in the Microbiome:

GI (IBS, Colorectal Cancer)

How the heck can one manage a malfunctioning microbiome?!


Probiotics = GOOD Bacteria

Why do we need good bacteria?

Because... they have a positive influence on:
Immune System
Digestive System 
Vitamin Production

Probiotic Predators kill GOOD bacteria:
ANTIbiotics -- it says it all in the name.
Chlorinated Water
Oral Contraceptives
High Sugar Diets
Chemotherapy & Radiation

60% of the Immune System resides in the intestines - the Digestive System, which breaks down the foods for absorption and utilization in the body. 

"Anyone who is BREATHING needs to be on a PROBIOTIC," Dr. DeSilva passionately pointed out. Not on one? No CLUE how to go about finding one? Maybe I can help. (Probiotics were a GAME-CHANGER for me and my pipes ;-) and I couldn't agree more with Dr. D!!)

Detoxification eliminates the toxins (waste) by increasing the movement of our intestines... (ie. going #2) 


What's the largest organ of elimination in the body?!

... Our SKIN!

Feeling #IINspired and #IINformed with whatcha learned about your Belly on my blog?! I sure hope so!!! My purpose is to share my experience with you, so that you too can feel IINvincible {or at least a lil bit more so than before you read this...} 

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