Thursday, February 4, 2016

Guest Blog Post: Reiki 101 with Selena Valentine, Reiki Therapist

Reiki intrigues me.

Ever since I first heard of it in college, at a retreat at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, I have been attracted to its mysticism and healing.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but, over the years, I have seen and felt the positive effects of reiki that have led me to become a believer.

But there is always more to learn... Sooo, I invited Selena Valentine, Reiki Therapist and founder of the Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Center, to write a guest post for y'all...

REIKI is a spiritually guided universal life force energy.

Rei: Spiritual Consciousness
Ki: (or Chi) Life For Energy

Having originated in Japan, Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It is based upon the principle that a life force energy runs through all living things and is what causes them to be alive. 

While we all have this energy within us, our levels tend to be lowered when we feel stressed or sick. Reiki replenishes the energy within us.

The word "Reiki" is taken to mean "spiritually guided universal life force energy." When broken down, it translates literally to "Rei," or "spiritual consciousness" and "Ki," or "Chi," which is "life force energy."

As a natural healing technique, the Chi, or "life force energy" is transferred to the energy field, and rejuvenates, replenishes, and recharges your body, mind, and spirit, while opening your energetic channels.

Reiki has been extensively studied and found to
be safe and effective, with no negative side effects.

Because of its health benefits, Reiki has been used in hospital operating rooms as early as the mid-1990's, and is currently being offered in hundreds of hospitals and other medical facilities around the country.

In 2007, 15% of U.S. hospitals (over 800 facilities) offered Reiki
as a regular part of patient services. 

Since then, the numbers have continued to grow. 

Reiki is also used extensively in Hospice settings, to help ease the pain and anxiety of those going through the dying process. 

Regardless of what is happening in your life, Reiki is ultimately about restoring yourself to a state of balance, and works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Whether you have daily stress that needs to be cleared, or suffer from low energy, anxiety, emotional discomfort, or a physical ailment, Reiki accelerates healing on all levels of your being. 

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Selena Valentine's Bio

Selena D. Valentine founded Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Centers in 2008 and the practice now serves more than 2,000 clients each year.

She is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Instructor, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, an EFT Practitioner and NLP Certified. 

While earning a distinguished reputation within the industry, Empowered Hypnosis Wellness Centers has grown to become a full service wellness provider offering Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Reiki, and Massage Therapy. 

Selena's work has been featured on numerous media outlets, including WPIX 11, FOX, and the NY Post.  

Selena practices what she teaches as she continuously seeks ways to learn and grow through self-improvement. 

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* Let's get HANDS ON * Try this Chakra Meditation and see if you can discover which of your chakras are off balance... {go to a quiet place, or block out any ambient noise with headphones, and close your eyes}

Reiki, anyone?

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