Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn ~ Out-Of-This-Universe YOGA HIGH!

Seek and ye shall find... an Out-Of-This-Universe YOGA HIGH!!!

That's what I found at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 
a couple Sundays ago...

Back in my old post-college 'hood: Park Slope, I stepped off the F train and into a treasure trove of memories ... Old haunts and new spots dotted the charming streets of The Slope.

Ahhh... mini-Central Park, was a welcome respite from Manhattan. Walking into the park, I nodded to fellow yogis decked out in fluorescent yoga pants and flash tattoos, mats casually slung over their shoulders.   


{n} a strong or irresistible desire to 
Travel, Practice Yoga, Listen to Music,
Eat Well, Be Green, Appreciate Art, 
and Create a Community around mindful living

This was my first {gasp!} Wanderlust Festival and it sure as shooting stars won't be my last! 

Wanderlust 108 is a spin off of the festival, incorporating a 5K run + yoga class + meditation wrapped up into what they call a compassionate competition.  

WHY 108? 

The number signifies interconnection between


in Eastern traditions. 

1 represents unity + 0 represents calm + 8 represents infinite possibility. The idea is to push your body, calm your mind, connect with others opens you up to your FULL POSSIBILITY...

Well, I hadn't trained for the 5K, so I skipped that... and hung out with this guy:


Don't be jelly, Ollie! You're my #1! 

This gentle GIANT {read: 200 lb mastiff + Great Dane mix} named Odin, was just chillin' with his owner, Charles, sans leash... Turns out he is a therapy dog for the elderly and vets with Charles Henderson Animal Rescue. Go figure. 

Drawn to the music, I danced over to the grass and got my grooove on... THE epitome of:


Following my inner compass, I found my true north at  AiReal Yoga

We got rained out, BUT I still managed to get these awesome shots! 

Afterwards, I met up with a group of friends to seek shelter from the storm in the marketplace, where we booth-hopped... 

Check-Out these Buddha Pants! LOVE anything that has dual functionality {it's the efficient-nut in me} and these crazy, comfy lookin' pants are also a freakin' pillow! For your brain OR your bootay. I mean?!

I demoed the TriggerPoint™ GRID foam roller which was ON POINT! I squealed in painful pleasure when I massaged my IT Band, skillfully directed by Ali... It's so easy to forget to massage your muscles post-workout, but it feels mucho better to #RollitOutsushi-style. 

The Muse peops, Chris and Andrew were closing up shop, but they yogically accommodated my friends and me for a test drive...

Muse = Gameification of Meditation

And. Guess What?! It works! Here I am mid-meditation {ok, ok.. I'm posing here}. And... dare I share my Muse Stats?! Okay, for you I will... My less-than-stellar results after my 2nd try. It may look low, but I improved, which further convinced me of its positive habituation. 


Didn't have time to try Thync, but I'm looking forward to, hopefully soon... !!!

Wanna find YOUR True North... ?

Here's a list of the
upcoming Wanderlust Festivals.

Namaste, Bitches!

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP

Blog: HealthyliciousBliss