Thursday, March 19, 2015

Healthy Brand Showcase {Spring 2015} NEW Food + Fashion + Fitness Products + GIVEAWAYS!

Spring OFFICIALLY starts tomorrow! Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than by sharing the...  

  NEW Food + Fashion + Fitness products 

I've lost track of how many times I've hit up the bi-annual The Healthy Brand Showcasebut THIS was my fave.

My grab bag shwag // Don't Hate. Appreciate!

Out of the 14 of brands exhibiting... and a oodles in the grab bag... it was a challenge to choose... 



I dunno 'bout you, but I'm a coconut junkie! I use it for EVERYTHING: removing makeup, moisturizing my skin ~ head, shoulders, knees and toes... boobies and booty too, conditioner, oil-pulling... You name it!

Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is my go-to because it's ORGANIC and CHEAP, BUT I don't like digging for the last scraps of coconut oil at the bottom of the jar... 

THIS IS WHY I'M PSYCHED about the easy access of the CocoMe bodystick!! PLUS, it's  KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetheart ~ ONLY 2 ingredients! How novel to merely repackage nature's nectar and add a pinch o' beeswax?!

"Nature made it perfect - we've just repackaged it."
 <-- True DAT!

CocoMe comes in a Bodystick, {I've been using it as deodorant}, and a Lipelixer, {for my smackers}. MUAH!!

Ever wonder how people come up with their business ideas?!

I DO! All. The. Time. 

Well... for CocoMe's Founder, Lisa...  it all happened one day when her young daughter took a BIG bite outa her deodorant!!! Panicking, she grabbed it and read the label: "Poison, if ingested call poison control immediately." Her daughter survived and inspired CocoMe! LESSON LEARNED: "Don't put anything ON your body that you wouldn't put IN it." #TruthBomb   

#MadeInUSA {w/love+pride} #Organic #ParabenFree #GlutenFree #NonComedogenic #Vegetarian #ColdPressed #CrueltyFree

*U.S. residents only*

Orgotton {Organic + Cotton}

Orgotton had me at, well, Orgotton... Started by a beautiful sister duo, Kristy & Stef, in their parent's basement in Philly, everything's still made in Philly! 

Their mission is to help women "grow their sustainable clothing collection with Orgotton." 

And these ladies take a holistic approach toward growth, making their hangtags {clothing tags} from seeded paper that when planted, wildflowers "grow!" Can't hardly wait to plant mine...

Because you know we ALL SNEAK A PEAK at the gossip mags to see what the celebs are wearing.... I'm giving away an exclusive off-the-shoulder tee that model, Brooke Josa, and pop-star, Laney Lynx, grabbed at the event!!! 

JADE Yoga Mat

Unlike MOST yoga mats... JADE yoga mats are made with NATURAL RUBBER from rubber trees {who knew they existed?!} a renewable resource and has NO PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber! 

Order a JADE Yoga Mat {and plant a tree!}

Made in the U.S. of A., baby! As if that ain't enough... a tree is planted for EVERY MAT SOLD  ~  1 MILLION trees will be planted by Fall '15!

Not only can you choose your color, you can choose your thickness AND length!   


I could have chatted with the Boiron Broads foreva eva... 
They're like living, breathing homeopathic dictionaries! Lol And since I'm fascinated by homeopathy, I was osmosing everything word they uttered. 

While I have been using Arnica and recommending it to my clients for years, Calendula is NEW to me and much prefer it as a natural alternative to heal scars etc.

Arnica montana,{aka Mountain daisy}, has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever, and today, it’s one of the most popular homeopathic medicines in the world. Arnicare temporarily relieves muscle pain and stiffness, reduces pain and swelling and discoloration from bruises. Believe it or not, it really is non-sticky and non-greasy!

The flowers of the Calendula officinalis plant, {aka Garden marigold}, have been used topically for generations to naturally heal skin irritations. Calendula helps promote the healing of minor burns, cuts and scrapes, sunburn and other skin irritations.   

Enter to WIN a 
Kiwi Prize Pack!!! {$85 value}
*U.S. residents only*

Branch Basics Cleaning Soap

While I've got nothing on Cinderella, I DO like to live and work in a clean environment, just not the cleaning part... 

I'm keen on using natural cleaning products whenever I can, so I was excited to try Branch Basics Cleaning Soap

#100%PlantBased #FragranceFree #NonGMO #BPAFree #ParabenFree #PreservativeFree #MadeInUSA

They don't like adding to the CARBON FOOTPRINT by shipping water across the country, so they send you an empty {reusable} 24 oz. spray bottle AND the concentrate bottle 2 oz. 

It's Easy as 1... 2... 3... !!! 
1) Fill water from faucet to water line on bottle.
2) Add the concentrate to the soap line on bottle.
3) Slowly top off the bottle with water.

USES include: Dishes, Appliances, Jewelry, Marble, Pacifiers, Stains, Stovetops, Spills, Yoga Mats, Laundry and MORE!

Happy Family Brands 

I'm a kid at heart... which is no wonder why I dig the Happy Family Brands products I tried!

While it's primarily a baby food/kid company {sold in Target} it's ALSO a great snack for older kids 5-14 and adults. Personally, I love grabbing one to go for a snack or pre/post-workout pick-me-up! 

So far, I've tried two flavors and give a thumbs up to both, but I {literally} "Love My Veggies Happy Tot Organic Superfoods" because of the green veggie and fruits factors = spinach, apple, sweet potato, kiwi.

Happy, Healthy $hopping! 


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