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#FiveonFriday: Interview with Olivia Clementine Kirby, Herbalist, Co-Manager, Farm at Locusts-on-Hudson & Founder, Olivia Clementine Shop

You may have read about Olivia Clementine Kirby in The New York Times article "Let Them Eat Acorns,"about her implementation of "biological farming" technique at the 76-acre Farm at Locusts-on-Hudson, owned by famed Hotelier, André Balazs. Olivia was introduced to me in relation to her recently launched herbal tea, balms, and potions brand: Olivia Clementine.

Can't think of anyone else to kick off my 2015 #FiveonFriday blog series... A city girl, turned country girl... multi-talented farmer, herbalist, meditation teacher and entrepreneur! 

Olivia Clementine Tea, Balms & Potions

My grandmother tended her plants while wearing lipstick, painted nails, a scarf wrapped around her jet-black hair, and navy blue rubber boots. She had a tenacity for life that I like to believe I inherited. In the summer, she would work all morning in her gardens. During her afternoon naps under the sun, I would sit nearby observing her world, a container of Nutella in one hand and a spoon in the other. Sometimes I would wander the fields surrounding her land, breathing in the ocean air.

I mention my grandmother because she was crucial to my growth and understanding of what it is to be alive. She believed in the spirit of nature and the power of tending to the green and flowering world. She carried with her elegance, beauty, a fire for life, and the pain of all she had lived through and survived. Her life and commitment tot succeed fed her generous and warrior nature, as well as her loving belief that we must nurture ourselves, now.

I am a native New Yorker, raised in the chaos, vibrancy, and people of the city, who lives and thrives in the wilds of nature. I've always been drawn to the well being of those around me, and over the years I've found ways to engage this curiosity through my three loves: tending to and being in nature, exploring our inner space, and studying our oldest and safest form of tangible medicine - plant medicine. I co-tend a farm in the Hudson Valley, where we grow vegetables, greens, and culinary and medicinal herbs, as well as offer classes on meditation and agriculture.

Olivia is a graduate of David Winston's Herbal Therapeutics' School of Botanical Medicine. She has been studying and practicing meditation for more than a decade; participating in countless retreats, including her three years at Shambhala Mountain Center. Olivia has been offering meditation for her farm community as well as to people across the country and over seas.

1. What is your favorite quote?

"The wave does not have to die to become water. She is already water." ~ Tich Nhat Hanh

2. What are your TOP 5 favorite things in your life right now?

1. Appreciating people.

2. Walking and breathing in the fresh winter air.

3. Understanding that we create our reality and trying to remember this throughout the day.

4. Herbal foot soaks.

5. Being ridiculously silly.

3. Who are your mentors?

I have way too many people that I look up to and am inspired by daily to list here. One person I am focusing on learning from is my partner, Zachary. It is so easy for me to see the wisdom of those a bit more distant. And seeing it in someone that I live with day in and out has been such a rich growing experience. And is good for living a life of love.

4. What is NEW + GOOD in your life?


Everything. I am in a period of re visioning all parts of my life. This is a continual process but the internal pull of winter certainly invites introspection. SO much is brewing right now that I can't say for sure what will manifest. But my earth offerings, and wellness offerings are shifting, as well as how deep I am going to be going with clients. Stay tuned...

5. What advice would you give to all your fans out there? 

Be courageous to live your dream. It is of benefit to all of us. Keep listening to your heart and that quite inner knowing. Within you is everything that is simply waiting to be seen.

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Olivia Clementine Kirby

Olivia Clementine Kirby 


Meditation Teacher,

Co-Manager, Farm at Locusts-0n-Hudson, 

Founder, Olivia Clementine Shop

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