Thursday, November 20, 2014

IIN Conference Review: Fall 2014 {"Wheat Belly" Author, Venus Williams, & MORE}

Almost 2 weeks later and I’m still IINspired by the IIN Conference last weekend!!

Every now and then we ALL need a lil’ fire lit under our booties and I can always count on that from my alma mater’s events. I LOVE what I do, but sometimes I do get in a bit of a rut… And the IIN community gets me back IINto the groove. Not to mention the cutting edge IINfo that the speakers share with us.

Over the course of 2 full days I heard from a motley crew of celebrated speakers: Dr. Weil {who I fondly refer to as the Integrative Nutrition Santa Claus}, athlete, Olympic GOLD medalist, and designer, Venus Williams, MoneyZen Wealth Management Founder, Manisha Thakor, “Wheat Belly” author, Dr. William Davis and MORE!

Are you a WHEAT eater?

NEWSFLASH: wheat has changed a LOT by humans over the years and it's NOT the natural, unprocessed grain it was back in our great-grandparents hay-day... Not to mention, CELIAC DISEASE has DOUBLED in the past 20 years! This is due in most part to genetic modifications to wheat; aka GMO wheat.

Gliadin. It's the secret mistress of this epidemic...
Never heard of it? Well, it's a subcomponent of Gluten, and IT is the problem, NOT Gluten. Chew on that.

According to Institute For Integrative Nutrition, Founder, Joshua Rosenthal, "There is one disease. The body out of balance." Makes sense, right? The human body is like a computer. When a computer is really overworked it will burst into flames. When our lifestyles and/or diet choices stress out our bodies an inbalance occurs and we start to see symptoms... thus a "fire" of disease occurs. 

Venus Williams discovered in inbalance in her body in 2011 when she was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome. She took a holistic approach to healing and shared her journey with us in a down to earth, HILARIOUS, and inspiring way.

Williams' Words O' Wisdom:

* Love yourself!
* Stand up for your beliefs!
* Give 100% no matter what!
* Do what you love!
* Don't be afraid to fail!
* Learn how to succeed as well!
* Have mentors. 
Venus Williams
FAVE Quote: "I used to be a raw vegan, but now I'm a CHEAGAN." {Vegan who cheated, for those of you who didn't catch that... tee he he} 

Cheagan living is A-Okay in Dr. Andrew Weil's book! His nutrition philosophy is to follow the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, which includes non-vegan food. 

Want to know the SECRET to delaying the onset of age-related disease? Of course you do!!!

ALL age-related diseases begin with INFLAMMATION, which are caused by: 

* Genetics
* Stress 
* Environmental Toxins* Diet

MICROBIOME. Does anyone else think of that 90's move, Bio-Dome, when you come across that word?! Okay, maybe it's just me... Anywho, the MICROBIOME is the NEW KID on the nutrition block and we're learning something new about it every day.

4 Key Things Causing The Microbiome To Change SO Quickly:

1) BIG change in the way we eat.
2) OVERUSE of antibiotics.
3) Rise in CESAREANS {1/3 of births in America are via Cesarean today}4) Decline in BREASTFEEDING

Is it possible to CHANGE your Microbiome?

Yes. Probiotics are helpful, as a fecal transfers. Yup, you you read that right. Also, fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir.

Wanna get IIN on the action?! Five years ago I got IINto the action by enrolling at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition... Learned about holistic nutrition, how to heal my own health issues, and made a career change. Now YOU can too!

As an IIN Ambassador, I have a BONUS package for students who enroll by Sunday, November 30th...

Email me for deets!
{Pssst... it includes $avings and MUCH MORE!} 

Give yourself the gift of health, education, community, and a maybe new career this holiday season! Think of it as your early-bird access to Black Friday. ;-)

Happy #TGIT!

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP

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