Monday, October 13, 2014

Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN): Last class of 2014! {savings + payment plans}

One of the BEST things I've accomplished in my life was attending The Institute For Integrative Nutrition!

It was LITERALLY life-changing for me. Throughout the program I felt myself metamorphosing from a capsizing caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly... {flawless, NO, but far better off than I was pre-IIN!}

Almost 5 years ago, I reached a breaking point. 

You see, I was stuck. My life was NOT where I wanted it to be. Cue my quarter-life crisis. I was over just about EVERYTHING... Overworked, overweight, overtired, overstressed, over acne, over chronic upper respiratory illnesses, over digestive problems, over-caffeinated, over-boozed, over-sugared, over-fried, over-milked etc. The list goes on, but I don't want to OVERBORE you!

My quest to de-funk myself led me down the path to The Institute For Integrative Nutrition {IIN}.

At IIN, I learned about a holistic approach to health and wellness. Focusing on food as well as other facets of one's life: exercise, relationships, spirituality, career, and passions. Day by day I learned how to heal myself and realized that I wanted to help others. So, upon my graduation in 2010, I birthed my business, Tatiana's Health and Wellness, (since rebranded to "Healthylicious Bliss"), followed by my award-nominated blog, Healthylicious Bliss™ in 2011.

Last Fall, I was honored that Joshua Rosenthal invited me to join him on the 'Welcome Webinar' for the September '13 class. Joshua asked me to share the following with the new students:

1) Building my business using a 4-pronged approach.
2) Two pieces of advice for them to glean the most out of their IIN experience.

Since graduation, I've been building my business and spreading the ripple effect as an Ambassador for The Institute For Integrative Nutrition... {including many wrong turns, roadblocks, and u-turns along the way...}

Sharing my health tips as an On-Air TV Wellness Expert.

What do YOU want right HERE, right NOW?!

* Change your lifestyle for the better, but lack the education, structure, and support?
This is the school for you!

* Yearn for a career change; one that really resonates with you and your life's purpose?
This is the school for you!

* Expand your burgeoning knowledge of holistic health and wellness, {the wave of the future... now becoming the present}?This is the school for you!

* If you .... FILL IN THE BLANK ... ?This just may be the school for you!

* * * LAST CLASS OF 2014 * * *
Enrollment DEADLINE is Friday, October 17th!

Class STARTS Monday, October 20th!
Sign up & Save with my IIN Ambassador link
Mention my name: Tatiana Ridley.
Oh, hellz yeah!!!

QUESTIONS? Shoot me an email...

xo Tatiana