Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Healthy Brand Celebrity Showcase {Fall '14} HOT NEW Beauty + Health + Wellness Products + GIVEAWAY!

Last week, my colleague represented me at the Healthy Brand Celebrity Showcase at the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC. {I'm outa town and was bummed to miss it... but there's always the Spring '15 event!} This is the 3rd time that HealthyliciousBliss!™ has been invited to cover this exclusive media preview event. SHOUTOUT to Amanda Leesburg for keeping my blog on your "It List!"

There were several vendors and gift bag sponsors to check out... Here's the nitty gritty on the GOOD SHIZNIT that's NEW to the market. {IMHO: in mine humble opinion, with input from my colleague}:


Motto is the world's 1st bottled matcha green tea beverage!!
How '
bout dem... teas?! Made with handcrafted in small batches, stone-ground green tea leaves sourced from one of the oldest family-owned cooperatives in Japan. Konnichiwa!
utrients in 1 serving of motto = 12 cups of steeped green tea = 1/3 of the caffeine amount in a cup of coffee!
* Matcha is one of nature's MOST powerful sources of vitality and wellness. *

Motto, Co-Founders, Tom Olcott & Henry Crosby
toasting ABC The Chew's, Co-Host, Carla Hall
Sooo, how does it taste? Well... my informant, ahem colleague, told me: "It was was sweet and refreshing; different tasting, but couldn't put her finger on it. Maybe is was the organic apple cider vinegar?"

Fun Fact: Motto was founded on Nantucket, my second island home since childhood...

Find motto in your 'hood!

Board and Batten

You've heard of farm-to-table, BUT have you heard about farm-to-skin?

Board and Batten's name represents the back-to-basics construction it applies to ALL it's face, body, hair, and even pet products.

Fun Fact:
The actual definition of the term 'Board and Batten' is a type of exterior siding or interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called 'battens.' Also called barn-siding because many barns in North America are made with board and batten.

Board and Batten Founder, Patricia Walker

Handcrafted products include the following ingredients include: organic plant oils, botanical extracts, and pure essential oils. They are based on a bucolic 600+ acre farm in Florida, from which they source the ingredients for their line of products, which you can get here.


Dontcha just love the name?! As a dog momma to this fur ball of love, I love this idea, and anything that makes my life easier for that matter. My guess is that you do too...

Pleash™, Founder, Lynn Mizell

Pleash is a leash that incorporates a purse/pocket so you can carry your poop bags, keys, money, cell, when you walk/run with your dog(s). Brilllliiaaannntt!

PLUS, it's a great way to get you off your bootay and outside exercising - walking or running your dog. Much like a new pair of sneaks makes one more likely to workout and show 'um off  break 'um in. Double the pleasure, double the fun! Did I hear you say, "Pleash me, please?!"

Slim on Soup™: Your Waistline S.O.S.™

A whole food-based, functional line of soups designed to nourish the body and encourage healthy weight. ALL SOUPS are vegan, no-salt, gluten-free!

The Slim on Soup™ Spread...
There are many flava flaves, but I love the split pea & coconut soup combo because the split pea is a slow burning carb that doesn't affect your blood sugar and the coconut is a healthy fat that is satiating. 

Bonus: You can enjoy them HOT or COLD! Sooo they're great for ALL seasons. Find 'um here.


Win a package of 5 different flavors of pint sized Slim on Soup™!
All you have to do to enter is follow my blog: HealthyliciousBliss ™
Easy peasy, right?
Winner will be contacted on Facebook {Tatiana's Health and Wellness} and 
Twitter {@TatianaRidley} on Wednesday, September 17th. 
Sooo, lookout for a post and a tweet...{U.S. entries only} 

Sublime Beauty

Sublime Beauty donated their Original Skin Brush to the eco-friendly burlap goody bag. For those of you who don't know the many health benefits of skin brushing, {a recently rediscovered ancient Ayurvedic practice}, here they are:

~ Exfoliates dead cells and toxins from our skin - the LARGEST organ in our body! 
~ Moves the lymphatic system, which has NO natural pump to do so.
~ Boosts blood circulation

~ Improves skin tone
~ Reduces cellulite

Original Skin Brush

Here's a HOW TO skin brush to get optimum benefits. Happy Brushing!

Want to invite me to your event? Review your product? Shoot me an email! 

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP

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