Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dr. Mark Hyman: "Taking Your Health Back" Lecture & Dinner at The Westmoor Club

Last night I was invited to attend Dr. Mark Hyman's Lecture "Taking Your Health Back" and Dinner at the exclusive Westmoor Club on Nantucket island. A perk of being a guest lecturer and holistic nutritionist for The Westmoor Club! For those of you who aren't aware of Dr. Hyman and his movement, he is a physician and international leader in the field of Functional Medicine and 8 time #1 New York Times bestselling author and was one of my favorite teachers at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. He is also the founder of The UltraWellness Center and The Institute for Functional Medicine

Armed with a glass of Cranberry Detox beverage, {organic cranberry concentrate, dandelion root, fresh mint, and lemon}, I snagged a prime seat in the second row. Dr. Hyman is a picture of health ~ tan, slender, and looking at least 10 years younger than his age. {Sorry I forgot to take a picture, but I was too engrossed in his lecture!} A true testament of a man who practices what he preaches. He mentioned having struggled with low energy and feeling more energetic now than he did 10 years ago. How's THAT for inspiration? 
Cranberry Detox Drink 
What the heck is Functional Medicine?! While modern medicine treats the symptom, functional medicine treats the root of the disease. The body is a web of connections which must be taken into consideration when treating a disease. Watch this video for a more in-depth description. 

Food today is the primary cause of many of today's chronic health problems. Nope, it's NOT something illegal, although one would think it would be... Yet doctors still aren't educated about nutrition in medical school!!! How about 'dem apples?!

Dr. Hyman's prediction for the future of medicine is that it will go from Healthcare => Self Care. This is because he says most people can heal themselves without a doctor. The body knows what's wrong, often times you just need to listen...

Good quality of health is the MAIN GOAL for most people. Meaning the ability and energy to do the things they want to do. Unfortunately, the food industry, {disturbingly similar to the tobacco industry}, has created a convenience culture with over processed, unhealthy packaged foods that are contributing to the majority of our country's chronic health problems. The FDA uses an acronym called "GRAS" {Generally Recognized ASafe} to determine whether a substance that will be added to food is subject to premarket approval by the FDA unless it's generally recognized as safe {GRAS} by qualified experts. Obvi, Doritos are NOT GRAS. 

Food is energy and code that effects your ENTIRE body! So your best bet is to eat REAL FOOD ~ ie. NOT over-processed food containing ingredients that you can't pronounce. It's Quality NOT Calories that we should be considering. Many of my clients ask me if I consider calories and are usually shocked to discover that I don't, in favor of this very concept.

This brings us to the microbiome. Some of you may have heard of the term before and others may be thinking of that whacky 90s movie, Bio-Dome. But for those who haven't, a genetic microbiome {as opposed to an ecological microbiome} is the entire collection of genes found in all of the microbes {organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye} associated with a particular host. The gut is the best-studied site in the human microbiome. The gut microbiome acts as a highly efficient bioreactor, helping to extract energy and nutrients from our food. 

In addition to diet, one's social network is very influential to their weight. Obesity, like many other chronic diseases, is actually contagious. For real! Think about it, if you spend time with people who are overweight, you are more likely to be overweight because you are indirectly and directly influenced by them. Think about it... If your social network tends to drink a lot, you are more likely to follow suit. Make sense? SOLUTION = Change Culture AND Environment AND Change Health!

After the lecture, I enjoyed a healthylicious buffet dinner designed by Dr. Hyman:

Green Garbanzo Hummus
Celery & Carrot Sticks 
Assorted Breads with Olive Oil

Seafood Mixed Grill
Rosemary Chicken Breast w/steamed organic kale
Grilled Fresh Garden Vegetables
Dr. Hyman's Raw Kale Salad <= My FAVE dish!
Cilantro, Green Garbanzo Beans & Pine Nut Salad
Summer Salad

Guilt-Free Chocolate Mousse <= VERY close 2nd FAVE dish!

To read more about Dr. Hyman, check out his articles, books, recipes etc. head on over to:

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP