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Nantucket Yoga Festival ~ Do Your Om Thing

If you're into yoga, music, inspiration, meditation, healthylicious drinks and food, fair trade and local products, and positive people and vibes, then the Nantucket Yoga Festival is for YOU! Jumping on the bandwagon with the yoga festival trend along with the like of Wanderlust Festivals, but on a smaller, more intimate scale, the NYF was a highlight of my summer so far. In it's third year, the festival was founded by good-lookin' and friendly hubby and wife team, Joann and Ted Burnham, founders of Dharma Yoga Nantucket

Eye spy... The Nantucket Yoga Festival!
Based on the belief that yoga is for EVERYONE, this festival had yogis from teens to a 95 year-old yoga legend! While I missed the opening night celebration with one of my fave inspirational speakers, Gabby Bernstein, the word on the yoga mat was that she delivered her #SpiritJunkie message in style. Overwhelmed by ALL of the wonderful workshops in the program, Joann kindly starred several workshops for me to check out. 

With some time to kill before my first workshop, I wandered around checking out the variety of vendors... And I discovered what I believe will be THE NEXT COCONUT WATER!!! >>> You heard it HERE on HealthyliciousBliss!™ <<<

Drink Maple, Co-Founder, Jeff
It's called.... MAPLE WATER and I think it tastes better than your average coconut water and BONUS is that it has about HALF the sugar of coconut water and pack full of 46 nutrients including vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, prebiotics, electrolytes, amino acids, and antioxidants. NO, it doesn't taste like maple syrup, it's a thin consistency, similar to water, and a faint taste of maple. The brand name I tried is Drink Maple and you can get your fix here. You're welcome ;-)  

Drink Maple 
I kicked off my workshop experience with Intro to Tibetan Meditation with Lama Yeshe Palmo, founder of the Nantucket Center for Tibetan Buddhism, which was taught in the barn attic above the Bartlett's Farm store. An intimate location with a beautiful view of the grassy island. Lama Yeshe Palmo taught us the traditional pose for Tibetan Meditation and taught us how to meditate, focusing on staring out into space and quieting the mind. MUCH more challenging than I thought it would be... I found I had to close my eyes to avoid distraction, which in turn made me a bit sleepy, and that my ankle began to fall asleep. It's a practice that is mastered with just that. Practice. 

 Lama Yeshe Palmo
Belly rumbling, I headed downstairs to the Bartlett's Farm Market to purchase a fresh, local lunch straight from the farm! I at it outside on a bench, sharing my scraps with the sparrows... 

Next up was a workshop with Sara DiVello, author of "Where In The OM Am I?" and former corporate chic, current yoga, author, and speaker chic. I can TOTALLY relate to her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurial wellness world and believe that I was meant to meet her. 

Always eager to learn new ways to harness and unleash my creativity, I was thrilled to attend Sara's  Access. Engage. Ignite. A Workshop on Creativity. In addition to teaching us how to tap into our creativity using a combo of Eastern and Western methods, she taught us how to use Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), a healing modality that allows one to tap their way to emotional health. Literally. You may have heard about it... Looking for a good summer read? Check out Sara's book, it's a hybrid of Eat, Pray, Love and Devil Wears Prada - I'm reading it and had to force myself to put it down to go to sleep!

Tatiana Ridley {me} and Sara DiVello
95 YEARS-YOUNG Tao Porchon-Lynch wrapped up the tw0-day festival with a 90 minute yoga class that blew my mind! This renaissance woman was not only tiny, but she was pretzel-flexible! OMazing! She reminded me a bit of my maternal grandmother, Patricia Hyland, a petite, multi-faceted woman. It was one of the best yoga classes I've experienced in my 10+ years of yoga. Now I can say that I took a yoga class with the Guinness World Record holder for being the OLDEST YOGA TEACHER ON THE PLANET! How cool is THAT?!

 Tao Porchon-Lynch {source}
The B.U.T.FUL view on my way back from the Nantucket Yoga Festival... I was tempted to jump the fence and lay amongst the colorful wildflowers, but came to my senses?

Bartlett's Farm Wildflowers... 
Mark your calendars for Nantucket Yoga Festival 2015!!! {It's already on mine} 

NAMASTE, Y'all ~

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