Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Steep Rock Bouldering REVIEW ~ Boutique Neighborhood Climbing Gym ~Upper East Side, NYC

I enjoyed a staycation in my home city, NYC, for Memorial Day and was pumped to get the pump on at a NEW climbing gym in my 'hood ~ Steep Rock Bouldering! The owner Michael Cesari invited me to check it out and review it on my bliggity blog. My man Kevin Liu, (you may remember him from Brooklyn Boulders), gave me an in-depth 1-on-1 lesson. 

Me maneuvering up the wall... 

Now mind you I was a wee bit scared when I saw that there were NO HARNESSES as my climbing past experience has always included a harness, (save for the time I went rock scrambling in the Mohonk Mountain preserve). I'm not scared of heights, per say. I always like to remind myself that I have jumped out of a plane... BUT, I took me a few climbs to work my way up to jumping off the wall and onto the 14" thick padded mat. Mind you there IS a correct way to fall and I FAILED the first time, crossing my ankles like a prim 'n' proper lady at high tea at Buckingham Palace.

NOTE: Always fall with you legs parallel to avoid twisting or worse, breaking your ankle!

Planning my next move... 

, for those who don't know, is a type of rock climbing that is performed without ropes OR harnesses. Much like Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga...

Made it to the tippy top!

Not only did I walk out with what Kevin, (and Arnold Schwarzenegger), called 'THE PUMP' pulsing through my veins, but I got a rad Steep Rock Bouldering tank, (made by the uber cool American Apparel). #Shwag 

This is a GREAT workout, especially for the following body parts: arms, hands, upper back, shoulders, core, and lower body. Basically, EVERYTHING. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, bouldering is a fun way to get fit!

Prices are affordable and you can rent (or buy) climbing shoes and a bag o' chalk on the premises. Double whammy. 

Want to throw a birthday/bachelor/bachelorette party? Go on a date? Corporate Team Building? Sign up for climbing summer camp? THIS is the place to do it! Oh, and they also have keg parties on Friday nights... 

Kevin and Me rockin' our hand signs:
Hang Loose & Peace

Whatcha waiting for?! Get yo climb on!!!

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP