Thursday, May 15, 2014

PRODUCT REVIEW: CritterZone Air Naturalizer {Odor Control & Air Filtration} *discount included*

CritterZone USA sent me one of their nifty, handsized odor eliminating and air purifying units, the 
CritterZone Air Naturalizer, to test out and I am blown away by what it has done for BOTH my allergies, (dust mites, my doggie, pollen etc.), AND the sometimes lingering smell of my doggie's wee wee pad! I just plugged it into the wall and in a few minutes the air in my apartment smelled fresher and any unsavory odors that may have been lingering seemed to disappear into thin air... NO filters or chemicals and it's quiet. Plug and play! 

This product is GREAT for any of the following situations:

~ Pets: dogs, cats, birds, small cage pets, aquarium pets, horses etc.
~ Allergy & Asthma Sufferers
~ Offices & Schools (especially in the bathroom and kitchen areas)  
~ Garbage
~ Dirty Diaper Disposal 
~ Pet Stores & Kennels 
~ Vehicles: cars, trucks, vans (with car adapter) 
~ Bathroom
~ Garage
~ Laundry Room
~ Basement 
and MORE!

The New York Times said "... After the CritterZone has been humming away near the litter box for an hour, the stink vanished... for all we knew, the cat no longer found it biologically necessary to void." It's no wonder that it was named TOP PICK at the 2013 Global Pet Expo.

With the summer months right around the corner and the hot temps bringing out the odors and allergens in the air, the CritterZone is just what you need to stay odor and allergy free! 

*** The folks at CritterZone offered my HealthyliciousBliss!™ readers $10 OFF, just use promo code 'TATIANA' when you purchase one here. ***

Hooray for Allergy & Odor-Free homes, offices, schools & cars!

Blissfully Yours,