Friday, March 14, 2014

Too busy to work out? 6 ways to get your exercise in when life gets crazy. {repost from Rise}

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Finding motivation to work out is tough. Tack on a hectic schedule and regular exercise seems impossible! We’ve asked our Rise team members and nutrition experts to share their top tips to get exercise in when life gets crazy.
Tip #1: Morning workouts.
I always exercise in the morning because my work days are unpredictable and can run late into the evening. I’m up and out the door in my running shoes by 6:00am.
Sara Wells
Twitter: @SaraRuns
Tip #2: Schedule walking meetings.
During the day, I am in countless meetings, calls or at my desk. I am always sitting! If I ever have a one-on-one meeting with a team member, we take a walk together. It’s my favorite way to get up from my seat and get moving.
Thomas Ngo RD
Twitter: @tomgon1
Tip #3: Put it on your calendar!
At the beginning of each week, I schedule the days and times I will work out. I even block out times  Anything to keep me accountable helps!
Angela B. Moore, MS, RD, LD/N, CLT
Tip #4: Sign up for a workout class
Because classes are scheduled on a regular day and time, it’s an “unmovable” item on my schedule. Plus, they will charge me even if I don’t show up!
Lisa Ganguzza, MS, RD
Tip #5: Keep a pull-up bar at work.
Whenever I have 15 minutes free at work, I do some pull-ups or push-ups. It’s a light workout which helps break up my stressful workday. Each week, we have a friendly competition with co-workers to see who can do the most pull-ups!
Kevin Meehan
Twitter: @7meehan
Tip #6: Sign up for a themed 5K race (ex: Color Run, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash).
I like that there is an end goal to work towards. Preparing for races keeps me accountable to train each day. If I don’t train, then I won’t be ready for my race!
Tatiana Ridley, Certified Health Coach
Twitter: @TatianaRidley