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Five on Friday: Interview with Caroline Schley, Founder, Rhymes with Fabulous

International Women's Day is THIS Saturday, March 8th, and I can't think of a more inspiring woman, than my dear childhood friend of 20, (yes 20!), years, Caroline Schley, to kick off the celebrations. Caroline has seen me through it ALL and I am forever grateful to her for her sage advice and support over the years. I think you, too, will benefit from her Five on Friday interview. Read on for everything that Rhymes with Fabulous... (nom de plume of her witty NEW blog).

Based in New York City, Caroline Schley has been writing articles on culture and social interaction since 2008. She managed a column of her thoughts and observations about culture in NYC for the from 2009-2010 and currently records her reflections in her blog, "Rhymes with Fabulous." Schley graduated from CU Boulder in 2005 with magna cum laude honors in environmental science and went on to earn a graduate degree in education from NYU in 2011. She has served as a Basu Science Innovation Fellow, an NSTA New Teacher Fellow and currently works as a New York City public school teacher. She also manages, "Schleyteach," a blog about her interactions with students and the world of education.

1. What is your favorite quote?

Right now, (after a recent trip to Vegas to see the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show "Love"), I am reflecting on the quote usually attributed to John Lennon: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." I think it's such a good reminder to just keep going and look for the good in life.

2. What are your top 5 favorite things in your life right now?

In no particular order: coconut water to starve off winter skin dehydration, my blog "Rhymes with Fabulous," my pet lizard, Bubba, my mother's latest slow cooker winter concoction, (a mix of wild rice, edamame, peppers and onions), and the book I just read, "A House in the Sky," by Amanda Lindhout.

3. Who are your mentors?

I am making a concentrated effort to incorporate lots of creativity into my life right now. Instead of specific mentors, I try to draw creativity from a variety of inspirational sources. Recently, I've been very influenced by Christopher Wool, who's latest show at the Guggenheim was phenomenal. As a writer, I'm always motivated by authors with a strong, unique voice -- some of my contemporary favorites are Tom Robbins, whose novel, "Jitterbug Perfume," always gives me strength and peace in hard times, and Sue Monk Kidd, whose latest book, "The Invention of Wings," is one of the most vivid and imaginative historical fiction novels I've ever read.

4. What is NEW + GOOD in your life?

For my fix of #HealthyliciousBliss I am loving Origins and Fresh skin products lately! They have so many great natural ingredients and I can feel my skin getting the nourishment it needs.  

5. What advice would you give to all your fans out there?

In my blog I have been writing a lot about friendship lately. I think it is tremendously important to focus on having very positive relationships with your friends. Try to elevate your friendships by incorporating bonding on lots of different levels -- take a class with a friend, start a book club with a group of acquaintances, or simply invite a co-worker out for coffee.  

Caroline Schley
Caroline Schley
Blog: Rhymes with Fabulous
Blog: Schleyteach

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