Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday: Interview with Jennifer Kass, Founder, Jennifer Kass LLC & Creator, The Happiness Blueprint

Feeling the winter doldrums coming on...? Fear not! My last Five on Friday interview of 2013 is with my friend and fellow IIN sister, happiness coach, Jennifer Kass, founder of Jennifer Kass, LLC, and creator of The Happiness Blueprint. Read on to get your daily dose o' happiness today!

As a holistic happiness coach and spiritual mentor, Jennifer Kass guides clients worldwide in her one-on-one transformational coaching programs, using practical spiritual tools that provide a gateway to inner happiness, and a holistic approach that integrates 
diet lifestyle changes, for a radical shift. Jennifer shares her message through weekly blogs on her website, live events, one-on-one coaching, as a writer for well-known blogs, and in TV and radio appearance. A former editor at Allure magazine, Jennifer holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Ready to break free from what's holding you back? Join her list to receive weekly blogs and The Happiness Blueprint: A free 25-page guide to reconnect with your best self on her website

1) What is your favorite quote?

"Only love is real."

2) What are your top 5 favorite things in your life right now?

1. The people in my life: friendships, family and my inspiring clients and readers.

2. Yoga.

3. Decorating. I'm about to move into a new apartment and I have a pink sofa on the list.

4. Casey O'Connell's art. I am lucky enough to own one of her paintings (so far) and she just launched a kickstarter campaign for themost fun project ever. Casey is one of my dearest friends and clients.

5. My transformational program that I launched this year -- and the miracles upon miracles that I am witnessing with my clients. Every day I am in awe of the work I get to do on this planet and just feel waves of love for everyone on the path with me.

3) Who are your mentors?

My biggest mentors are my friends, colleagues and my inner guide. Whenever I'm making a big decision or experiencing a challenge in my life, I sit down and meditate and I ask for guidance. My higher self always knows best and when I create the space to listen and act on that guidance, I am never steered in the wrong direction.
Spiritual teachers who have inspired me and given me clear guidance on my path are Brian Weiss, known for his amazing past-life regression books, Doreen Virtue who has channeled the angels' messages to me twice in the past two years, and Marianne Williamson who articulates the spiritual truths in a way that heals my soul.

4) What is NEW + GOOD in your life?

SO much! I launched by new website this year and The Happiness Blueprint, a free 25-page guide to connect with our answers within and transform our lives from the inside out. More about my story is in there as well. When you join my list on my website, it's delivered to your inbox.

5) What advice would you give to all your fans out there?

They know they don't need my advice; the answers are within them. As some words of encouragement: Know that you are LOVED beyond measure, and supported in a way you could not imagine until you step out onto your highest path in faith and trust that you are being guided every step of the way. Don't be afraid of making the big changes--they are your path to freedom and happiness and a life beyond your wildest dreams. Expect more. Expect miracles. Expect the very best for your life. You are worthy of it all.

Jennifer Kass

Jennifer Kass 

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