Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday: Interview with Rebekah Borucki of Bex Life™

Happy Friday, y'all! Today I am launching my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW blog series: Five on Friday. Every other Friday I will showcase an interview with a wellness guru who inspires me and I know will inspire you. Today I am honored to share my exclusive interview with one of my inspirations, Rebekah Borucki from Bex Life! Rebekah "Bex" Borucki is the founder of BEXLIFE™ and the BLISSED IN™ wellness movement, a mother-of-four, TV host, fitness and yoga instructor, popular YouTuber, and backyard farmer raising chickens, goats, and growing her own organic garden. 

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1) What is your favorite yoga pose and why? 

It changes by the day... Days like today when I'm feeling under the weather, child's pose
is my favorite. On days when I'm feeling energetic, I like warrior pose

2) What is your favorite mantra?

My favorite mantra of the moment, because I'm focusing so carefully on writing my book and being of service to my audience, is: "My father did not teach me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it." I found this quote about 15 years ago and have had it on my fridge ever since. It reminds me both in my personal and business life that if I am dispensing advice, I have to walk the talk to allow it to be received. 

3) Who are your mentors?

I have so many! But I find the most inspiration from religious texts. The Buddha, Jesus, Mother Theresa. The BIG guns. I don't have aspiration to be like them. I just want to model my decisions based on their teachings. My modern day mentors are Wayne Dyer and Kris Karr. I first saw Kris on Oprah, and at the time I was stuck in an unhealthy, abusive marriage. Her spirit to survive inspired me to take control of my own life. I've followed her work ever since. 

4) What is NEW + GOOD in your life?

My biggest project that is everything to me now is my book. I'm writing a memoir. It's the story of me discovering my racial identity, surviving a childhood marked by poverty and neglect, and learning to love myself as an adult after feeling like a social outcast my whole life. I hope it inspires young women to make choices that honor themselves instead of making choices based on getting the approval of other. I also hope that women of all ages can read it and find messages of value.  By showing how I learned to give myself permission to live a fulfilled, happy, self-realized life, the read will feel empowered to do the same. The working title is The Accidental White Girl, and I'm hoping for a 2014 release. I'm going to release chapters on social media and have already released a first draft of one chapter on

5) What advice would you give to all your fans out there?

This is the BIG one. This is how I live my whole life. Before beginning any big journey or making any huge change - a diet or exercise plan, a spiritual exploration ,entering or leaving a relationship - ask yourself before every bite, step, or action you take, "How does this serve me, the people I care about, and the world?" Make service and honoring yourself your mission. Take every decision and turn it into a small, doable effort. Don't worry about making grand gestures or sweeping changes. If you do this, you're guaranteed success. 

BONUS: Anything else you want to share?

I believe in giving back... Everything in my shop a large portion goes to a socially conscious charities. My "Blissed In" bracelets are my favorite items - $5 from the sale of every bracelet benefits charities that provide help for victims of violence.

Rebekah "Bex" Borucki
Rebekah Borucki

Hope y'all enjoyed my inaugural Five on Friday Blog Post!!! Please let me know if there is anyone that you would like me to interview by commenting below...

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP