Friday, August 16, 2013

Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) $1000 Tuition $avings (Thru 9/20/13)

I received a note from my friends at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN), (my alma mater), about a super special savings offer of $1,000 OFF tution for anyone who enrolls by Tuesday, August 20th, 2013. As an Ambassador for IIN, I'm blessed with the opportunity to share this gift with you all, and know from experience that it is worth every single penny!

If you're interested in health and wellness and learning how to be your best self and help others do the same, then this school is right up your alley! Study with the world's leading experts in health and nutrition, including Andrew Weil, MD, Director of Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, Dr. Walter Willet, Chair of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, David Katz, MD, Director, Yale Prevention Research Center, Dr. John Douillard, and more!

This is one of the last chances to join the IIN family, ('cause we are Fam-A-Lee!)before tuition goes UP this Fall...

Email my friend and Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Admissions Advisor, Blair, at to set up an appointment to ask questions and/or inquire about enrollment. Don't forget to mention my name, Tatiana Ridley, for the $1000 Tuition Savings! Feel free to comment below or shoot me an shoot me an email directly with any questions; I'm happy to share my life-changing experience with you!

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP