Monday, April 1, 2013

Eat. Work. Grow. The (Foodie) Movement - Just Food Conference 2013 Wrap-up

This past weekend I was invited to cover one of my favorite foodie events of the year, the Just Food Conference 2013 for my healthy living blog, Your Ticket To Healthylicious Bliss!™. As always, it was a treat (this was my 3rd year in attendance).  

Here are MY TOP 5 FAVES from the event:

1) Healthylicious Lunch catered by Whole Foods, Great Performances, Good Water Farms, and Orwashers Bakery (mouthwatering picture below). 

My healthylicous lunch... Jealous?

My super fresh lunch menu included: 

- Cauliflower, slow roasted cherry tomatoes, peas, and capers
- Faro salad with chickpea, marinated artichokes, and olives
- Baby herbs salad (SO freakin' fresh!) 
- Grilled veggies, herb goat cheese, arugula, and roasted tomatoes on a tasca roll
- Golden apple, pear, and camembert with arugula on health bread
- Marinated artichoke, sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted garlic confit, and hand-sheared greens on whole wheat wrap 

2) Andrea Beaman's Workshop, "The Wisdom Of Eating Locally & Seasonally." I'm a HUGE advocate of eating seasonably and encourage my clients to do so when they're able. Oh so many health benefits, like the freshness and overall quality of the food.

Crock & Jar's Brona Cosgrave & Michaela Hayes

3) Crock & Jar Kraut - Made locally in Brooklyn. Only 3 ingredients! 

My Motto is: Keep it under 5 to thrive! (trademark pending...)

Founded by Michaela Hayes (pictured at right), these jars are a must have in your fridge. They were on sale for $5 (down from $7) so of course I had to buy myself some! I bought the Pickle Kraut for myself :) Check out their website for all the cool kids that sell their products. 

* Nutrition Note: Fermented foods like kraut are beneficial to the body for a number of reasons, like helping our digestion by supporting the beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract, allowing our bodies to absorb the nutrients we need.

The Plan Tea Guys.
4) Plan Tea is the perfect healthier alternative to SNAPPLE Ice Tea (believe it or not, I am a recovering Snapple Ice Tea drinker). With only 3 ingredients, this delicious drink was created by Alexander Ridings (pictured at left, standing on the far right) and his life partner, Claire Ridings. Sweet story, right? Well, it gets sweeter... They give 5% of their sales to non-profits that provide sustainable solutions to social problems and empower people to help themselves. Try 'um at your local Whole Foods, Fairway, or somewhere else in NYC

5) The fabulous people I met! 

Just Food SNAPSHOT: Just Food is a non-profit organization that connects communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers. 

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP