Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Story... Inspired By Gabrielle Bernstein

De La Vega

This weekend I had the pleasure of hearing Miracle Worker and best-selling author of May Cause Miracles, Spirit Junkie, and Add More ~Ing To Your LifeGabrielle Bernstein, speak at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition Conference. She shared her story of overcoming her eating disorder and addictions to alcohol and drugs. At 25 years old she reached her rock-bottom. That was when she decided to turn her life around. She asked the universe for help and received it with open arms. 

"Opening up to receive guidance is easy, you just have to ask."                                  

~ Gabrielle Bernstein

FLASHBACK almost four years ago, when I was struggling with my very own maelstrom of health problems: chronic sinusitis, acne, digestive disorders, caffeine and sugar addiction, stress, allergies, lack of energy, cavities, asthma, and weight gain. Whew! That was a long list. Like Gabrielle, I was on the verge of my very own breakdown, desperately searching for guidance to the highway back to health. After spending many endless nights and weekends surfing the internet, trying to find an answer... the Institute For Integrative Nutrition (IIN) popped up in my Google search and I recalled several friends who were graduates. So I conducted my research on the school and contacted the school and my friends for more information. Then it dawned on me... IIN was the answer!

With fervent desire, I pursued my education at IIN, and slowly learned how to heal myself through a holistic approach to my health. (Yes, I lost the food baby I had gained, went off my prescriptions, cut back on caffeine and sugar, improved my digestion and energy, cleared up my skin, stopped getting more cavities, and reduced the severity of my chronic upper respiratory diseases!) Inspired by what I was learning and eager to share my education with the world, I birthed my holistic nutrition and lifestyle company, Tatiana's Health and Wellness in 2010! It's been a long and winding road, but it feels so good to be aligned with what I am truly passionate about: WELLNESS.

In full disclosure, I felt the intense urge to share my story with you, my readers, after Gabrielle shared the following nugget of wisdom with me today: 

"All your clients want from you is your authentic truth." 

~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Did this post resonate with you in any way? If so, I'd love to hear from you! 

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP