Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marathon Training 101 with Adrian Crichlow, CPT

CONGRATULATIONS to the 15,336 total finishers who ran 13.1 miles, from Harlem to the South Street Seaport, in the New York City Half Marathon today! In honor of today's marathon, I would like to share some basic marathon training tips with you, courtesy of guest blogger, Adrian Chrichlow.

I took Adrian Chrichlow's kick ass Undisputed Cardio Class at the NYSC last weekend and discovered that he trains people for marathons and is training for the London Olympics. Many of my readers are runners or aspiring runners, so I thought y'all would appreciate a guest blog post from Adrian, (AKA Sir. AdrianCHRCHLOW™), with some tips to get you started or keep you motivated.

And now... for a healthylicious treat! A post from guest blogger, Adrian Chrichlow, CPT:

Lunch Time

Jesse: Hey Hali, you want to take a run with me after work? I have to get my runs in for my 10k in a couple months.

Hali: Sure! OMG, I need to myself. I’ve been slacking.

Jesse: Ok cool, 5:30pm at 90St. & 5th Ave.?

Hali: Yup can't wait, it's so nice out.

At 90St. & 5th Ave. 5:40pm

Jesse: Sorry, had to walked the dog

Hali: No worries. So we doing the whole loop?

Jesse: Yeah what you think?

Hali: Sure, I really what to beat Ashley's time in this 10k, she keeps bragging how well she do at these things.

Jesse: OMG! Yeah! ...and you should of seen her face when I told her I signed up for a 10K

Jesse and Hali met at 5:40 PM and ran Central Park loop, each with their thoughts on Ashley. They were unaware of how well prepared Ashley was for her 10ks; she was not doing casual runs. Each week, Ashley ran an average of 10 miles, worked out with weights for three days, and rested for two days.

Preparing for 5k, 10k, half marathons and full marathons requires the proper shoes and exercise regimen. The exercise regimen should include weight lifting and foam rolling to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Rest and recovery days between exercise sessions are also important. One of the key elements of preparing for any physical activity is rest. The body needs time to just rest and recover from physically and mentally taxing activities such as work, relationships, commuting, exercising, etc. If you had a very rough day it is ok to skip a day’s workout, because rest is better than stress.

The proper shoes are determined by feet placement; if they pronate, invert, arch, etc.  Feet assessments can be done at Super Runners Shop, Urban Athletics or Jack Rabbit. After you acquire your ideal running shoes, visit your gym and redeem the free fitness assessment. The one you never took advantage of when you first joined. If you redeemed that offer, just ask for another assessment. The results of your fitness assessment will help you, if you train independently, or your trainer to better provide you with a customized regimen that complements your current preparations.

A customized workout regimen that includes weights, shoes that provide the best support for your feet, and an understanding of the value of rest are indications that you are well on your way to enjoying the great experience of running.

By: Adrian Crichlow, CPT
Undisputedly Fit®
Twitter: @UndisputedlyFit

Hope you enjoyed Adrian's post! If you're a health and/or fitness guru who's interested in writing a guest blog post, please contact me!

Blissfully Yours,

Tatiana Ridley, CHHC, AADP