Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kalí Zoë Designs ~ Acupuncture Jewelry "Jewelry with a Job" {discount inside!}

Happy Wellness Wednesday, peops!

Last week I met two kindred spirits, sisters, and co-founders of a super-cool acupressure-focused jewelry at the Healthy Brand Showcase in NYC! Two of my favorite things: jewelry + acupressure. I'm getting my very own custom-piece made and I have a special discount for you guys if you want in (it's at the bottom). Here's their story...

Kalí Zoë Designs is a company created by the two of us as sisters - Callie and Arianna Spiros. We created a company that reflects the way we live our lives; incorporating sustainability, health and wellness, and peaceful energy into all that we do. Kalí Zoë jewelry is worn as a reminder to connect to nature and to yourself.

Our first and signature piece is quite literally, "jewelry with a job."

The Mudra - acupressure jewelry - presses on the LI4 point, which is the mother of all pressure points. Acupuncturists and acupressurists use this point frequently because pressure on it is known to increase circulation, aid in digestion, relieve sinus pressure, rid of headaches and lessen migraines and calm the body and mind. Who doesn’t want that!?

We grew up pressing this point on one another... When we moved away from one another for college and jobs, Callie studied at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where she took her first 3D modeling course. For a class project, she created a wearable metal that applied pressure to the point she and Arianna always used for pain relief. For some time, this piece was called “the thumb clamp!” We entered a pitch competition, won the People’s Choice Award, and then created our business while studying at an ashram in the Bahamas. Since then, we've spent time between Chicago, New York, and Miami.

It's a beautiful experience to be able to give individuals a moment of calm when they slip a Mudra. Some people have said it felt like a “hand hug." We love hearing from happy customers who share their daily rituals with the Mudra - during meditation, a commute, in migraine spells etc. You only need to wear a Mudra for a few moments here and there, for it to be effective, by the way.

Our mission with our brand, Kalí Zoë, which means “good wellness” in Greek, is to encourage people to “connect to yourself, connect to nature.” One of our favorite aspects of the Mudra, (made of either sterling silver or gold bronze), is that you’re able to choose between 12 stones to apply pressure on the inside of the piece. We have rutilated quartz, tiger’s eye, moonstone, and more!
Our Mudras (and other jewelry) are sold on our website. Pssst... use the code TATIANA for 15% OFF Kali Zoe Designs prices! (create your own custom piece)
We have some exciting projects in the works... stay tuned for an ethical, high-end line of jewelry. Come join us on one of our specialty 3-day easy-to-get-to wellness retreats! Connect with us here.

Treat yo self to some bling and blessings... or gift it to someone... Hannukah and Christmas are only 2 months away!! Just sayin'.

Blissfully Yours,