Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reflections on 2018... Projections for 2019

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

In order to move forward with the New Year, I think it's important to reflect upon the Old Year, 2018. So, I'm taking it upon myself to blog about what I accomplished (and dealt with) in 2018 so that I may best prepare myself to tackle 2019.

Won't you try it with me? 

You don't need a blog to do it! Use whatever medium works for you... a journal... a notebook... your notes section on your iPhone... Just do it.

Here goes!

2018 began on a HIGH note, ringing in the New Year at a heart and soul opening Kundalini Yoga Celebration with Yogi Amanbir at the now-shuttered Golden Bridge Yoga in New York City. I felt empowered to take on 2018 and everything that it had to offer!

And then came a low note. My romantic relationship headed for splitsville. Although it was a good thing, in the end, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture when you're in the frame. I believe that people (and experiences) come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Let that one marinate.

I was invited to speak at the inaugural New York Junior League Wellness Day, a one-day conference held at the NYJL headquarters in New York City! I gave my Metabolism Makeover Talk to a standing room only room (and I'm giving it again this year on Saturday, January 12th, 2019)! Info and sign-up here.

The month of love brought about my Galentines Day Blissage Board Event for a group of gals who gathered together to manifest their bliss. Basically, a Blissage Board is my version of a vision board ~ the idea is to manifest your bliss. Whatever that means to you. Pretty swell, eh?

And cue one of the hardest things I had to deal with last year. Discovering that my sweet dog, Oliver, needed to have surgery. He was 12 at the time, on the cusp of his 13th birthday and had never been under the knife before (save for his nip tuck... neuter when he was a wee pup). After copious research, several vets' opinions, consulting with family and friends, I decided to go through with the surgery. I set up a GoFundMe page and thanks to God and the kind people that know and love my Ollie, he was able to have the life-changing surgery under the care of Dr. Tom DeVincentis, Vet extraordinaire!

I believe that God only gives us what we can handle and that there are many storms in our lives, often before the beautiful, spirit-soaring rainbows that appear to guide us back to homeostasis or thereabouts. Sometimes he gives us a heck of a lot of storms to sift through and seemingly all at once, but he (or she?) does have a plan!

Marched in the historic #MarchForOurLives March with my friend and activist Marie. Pretty proud of my homemade sign, not gonna lie.

Not long after I realized the severity of my dog's health ailments, I found out that my father had to have heart surgery. I don't see my father often (he lives on the other side of the country) and this came as quite a shock and left me wishing for more time together as I thought his time here on earth may be limited. Fortunately, several surgeries later, he came out on the other side! 

Spring brought about the wonderful wedding of my cousin and her husband in San Francisco, where I got to celebrate with my family hailing from all over. Love the spirit of San Francisco and had thought about moving there at one point.

And then I discovered that I was anemic (low-iron) which is common for women of menstruating age as well as vegans and vegetarians (of which I am not). This explained A LOT. For years I had felt utterly exhausted at times to the point where it felt like my energy had literally been sucked out of me like a vacuum sucking the life force from my body. No joke. So, my doctor prescribed me with iron supplements and I made a concerted effort to add more iron-rich foods to my diet. I'm feeling better, but I still have more work to do. Unfortunately, I hate getting my blood drawn and always ask for a butterfly needle (the needles used for kiddos). Needles no thank you! When is there going to be an alternative to drawing copious amounts of blood?

This year I began offering my Chair Yoga + Meditation Class at several companies, thus branching out in my Corporate Wellness offerings at Healthylicious Bliss. They became an unexpected hit! If your company is interested in hiring me to offer my Chair Yoga Class or one of my Wellness Workshops, email me. Yes, I do travel! Europe is very welcome...

Over the summer I had the blessing of traveling to my favorite magical island off the coast of Massachusetts... Nantucket for a couple weeks with my sidekick. I spent days reading, sailing, biking, cooking healthylicious food, attending the Nantucket Hospital Women + Wellness Event and spending time with friends and family. C'est La Vie!

I launched my first class ever! Pipe Love was a labor of love and I'm so very proud of myself for actually giving birth to the idea (if I may humbly brag) as so many ideas stay stuck in idealand. Shoutout to my co-creator and teacher, Kimberly Worsham, Founder of FLUSH and to Brooklyn Brainery and Jen for taking a chance on us! And to Tushy for donating a bidet for our giveaway. #PipeLove

In September I got to see my Dad and Stepmom, Dedre, who came to New York City for a visit. It was long overdue and very special to spend time together especially after my Dad's surgeries last Spring!

I attended some interesting conferences including the Wanderlust 108 event in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park where I got to strike a pose for #DestinationHappiness.

And my first Well Summit in Brooklyn, where I connected with and heard many inspiring women speak, (Sara Divello, Blair Badenhop), and got a chance to try several bio-hacking tools. Anyone who's in the wellness world, you gotta check this out.

Someone nominated me for a WEGO Health Award! I didn't win, but it still felt good to get some recognition. Thank you!

Along with the rest of the Yorkville Ball committee, I helped raise money for Search and Care for my sixth year. And I got to dress up like an Oscar.

I rounded out the year by donning my spin shoes at SoulCycle for the 10th annual Cycle For Hunger to raise $500 for the St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

I launched my own line of 100% pure essential oils which I began selling to clients, especially after I included them in my annual Holiday Gift Guide. Made with love in NYC. Essential Oils by Healthylicious Bliss are rollerballs that make it easy to incorporate the many health benefits of essential oils on the go. Keep 'um in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. 

I celebrated Christmas with my family in New York. That's me and my marvelous mom.

New Year's Eve was special... a potluck with friends followed by dancing and champagne toast at midnight!

This post would be remiss without my #TopNineof2018

In 2019 I want to...

* Continue to grow my Corporate Wellness offerings in the form of Wellness Workshops and Chair Yoga + Meditation Classes at Companies in New York and beyond.
* Offer my Pipe Love Class to other educational institutions.
* Improve my health. Awareness and Action.
* Recognize that I am exactly where I need to be and that I must trust the timing of my life.
* Release what no longer serves me and Embrace what will empower me!

What about you? I want to hear about your goals for 2019! Please post them below.

Wow, that was a looong post... If you're still here, thank you for sticking with me!

XoXo Tatiana